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We aim to help our clients improve patient outcomes by making clinical audit and registry data collection safe, secure, simple and reliable.

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If you need to support the collection of unified data on a cohort in order to evaluate specific clinical outcomes, then our data collection tools and flexible supporting databases will enable you to get up to speed remarkably quickly.

Clinical Audit

Clinical Audit

By providing a range of products to support local, regional, national and international data sets, our clinical audit tools provide an efficient and flexible way of both collecting and reporting on your valuable data.



Coming soon An innovative and refreshing way to create and manage your clinical audits. The ability to create your own forms, safe and secure storage, user management and freedom from long term contracts are just a few of the features of our up and coming product. Please drop us a line and we will keep you up to date with the latest releases.



Patient data, whether anonymised or in the clear, needs to be kept safely and legally. We provide a set of governance overview tools to enable you to easily administer, approve and review the users within your organisation.


Using industry standard encryption methods and algorithms on approved infrastructure, we ensure that your data is only accessible by the right people at the right time and that data backup and restores can be made quickly and without fuss.


Our clean and uncluttered user interface is focused on maximising the data collection, no matter the complexity of the audit.


With a typical availability of 99.9% 24 hours a day, you can enter the data when you want, safe in the knowledge that it is being stored on our high availability, fast, secure infrastructure, using multiple redundant instances with at least one secondary with automatic backups.


It’s up to you what device or browser you want to use to enter the data. Whether accessing via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, our intuitive user interface adapts to each device's strength automatically, whilst ensuring your data is safeguarded.